Whether for an individual or a family, Alexis will tailor meals to your specific palate, and cater to any dietary needs. She is skilled at preparing delicious and wholesome meals for macrobiotic, gluten-free, vegan, raw food and candida-free diets, and will also prepare all food free of any specified food allergens.

Alexis strongly believes that a delicious meal starts with the finest and purest ingredients. While shopping for your food, Alexis will travel near and far, to many specialty stores and farmers markets, to source ingredients that are local, seasonal and organic. She always looks for the highest quality ingredients, including, wherever possible, wild fish and meat produced without the use of chemicals and hormones.

Food Drop Offs & Deliveries:

Alexis will prepare healthy, customized meals which will be delivered to your home at your convenience. Choose one week's worth of dishes: any combination of breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or snacks. All meals are delivered in non-toxic and re-usable packaging, clearly labeled and with simple heating and serving instructions provided.

Personal Chef Services:

Choose a date and time and come home to a meal prepared right in your kitchen for you, your family and your guests. Whether you desire casual weekly meals for your family or require a multi-course meal for a special event. All meals will be customized to suit personal likes and any specific dietary needs. All you have to do is request a date and time and Alexis and her team will do the rest: prep, cooking, table setting, serving and cleaning up.

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